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A History of Painting, Wargaming and Blogging

"Fantorical" was actually 'born' on Tuesday 18th February 2003 as a homemade fan publication which predominantly focused upon my many miniature purchases, numerous short-lived gaming projects and varied painting palettes.

In 2008 it went live on the World Wide Web, courtesy of "CoffeeCup", and enjoyed many months of manic activity before enduring an eighteen month long sabbatical.

Fortunately, in 2010 my hobby mojo was once again rekindled by the chance discovery of "Blogger", and the ease with which the platform enabled me to connect to hundreds of like-minded wargamers.

Roll forward ten years and I have posted over a thousand articles and discussed numerous hobby issues, such as painting techniques, conversions and competing rule-sets via nineteen thousand comments.

Now however, it's time for "Fantorical" to receive something of a 'face-lift' and enjoy the benefits of being hosted on its very own website... 

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