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“A Sergeant Is An Astartes Non-Commissioned Officer…”

“…Who commands a squad composed of ten Space Marines.”

These four 15mm miniatures are nowadays sold by “Alternative Armies” as part of their "The Ion Age" selection deal IAF008 Retained Knight Post Charlie, and are armed with an assortment of weapons including a Tumbler Mpi Blaster, a pair of Angis Rifles, and a formidably sized Anvil 888 Launcher. Usually formed into Lances of twenty-two men by the Prydian Army, I've actually painted these figures to proxy some Horus Heresy Blood Angels from the "Warhammer 40K" universe as part of last month’s “Forgotten Heroes” challenge.

As a resultant, each pair of metal models was based upon a small-sized plastic "Flames Of War" stand by “Battlefront Miniatures” and undercoated with "Vallejo" Heavy Red. I then heavily washed all of the ‘beaky’ space marines with "Citadel" Carroburg Crimson, before dry-brushing them with (more) "Vallejo" Heavy Red.

"God-Emperor, infuse this weapon with your wrath, that I might deliver your righteous anger unto your enemies."

Each figure's formidable-looking firearm was subsequently layered with "Citadel" Abaddon Black, and later treated to a combination of “Vallejo" Gunmetal and “Citadel” Nuln Oil. I also took a size 000 “Winsor & Newton University Brush Series 233 and placed a small amount of “Citadel” Abaddon Black along the eye-ridge of each miniature’s helmet to provide their visors with the suggestion of shadow.

Due to my wanting to make the unit’s Low Rank Officer figure into something resembling a Blood Angels Sergeant, I also applied some pure “Citadel” Abaddon Black to the miniature’s right fist and back-pack. I did strongly consider also applying this colour to the Retained Knight’s other gauntlet, as well as his shoulder-pads. But in the end thought this might make the diminutive model look a little dark on the tabletop. Besides, I felt the space warrior’s red left hand made his Blaster stand-out better.

"Flames Of War" WIPs - A Panzerfaust, an Officer and an NCO have been dry-brushed and 'black-lined'

Alongside slowly finishing off a handful of “The Ion Age” miniatures I optimistically attempted to paint during the “Forgotten Heroes” challenge, I have also been priming, shading, dry-brushing and ‘black-lining a number of my 15mm soldiers from the “Hit The Beach” starter set for “Flames Of War” by “Battlefront Miniatures”. I’ve now managed to extract both Panzergrenadier platoons from their sprues, as well as the six-figure Panzergrenadier Headquarters unit.

In addition, I have completely assembled the box’s plastic V1 Flying Bomb terrain feature, and am just waiting upon a 160mm x 34mm MDF rectangular base to permanently attach it to so as to ensure it survives ‘contact with the enemy’ on the tabletop. Currently, I’m not planning on tackling the starter set’s three plastic Panzer IV tanks until after I’ve made some significant in-roads on all the infantry first. Plus, I’m still debating whether to fix my tanks upon some large “Battlefront Miniatures” bases, as I’ve previously done with my armoured units in the past…

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