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"An Earth Elemental Plods Forward Like A Walking Hill..."

"...Club-like arms of jagged stone swinging at its sides."

This 15mm scale metal miniature of a Giant Earth Elemental is produced by “Alternative Armies” and can be bought either separately as blister HOT85 or as part of the company's pre-made twenty-four point strong HOTT1017 Elemental Army pack. Despite its scale the sculpt is actually 60mm tall and counts as a Behemoth for "Hordes Of The Things", with the solitary figure sitting squarely upon a 40mm x 40mm base.

Having super-glued the model its plastic base, it was primed with two coats of "Vallejo" Heavy Sienna and washed using "The Army Painter" Strong Tone Quickshade. Quite bizarrely, this regular combination seems to have re-acted rather badly on this occasion and actually caused the "Vallejo" Heavy Sienna to evaporate before my very eyes.

"Modiphius Entertainment" WIPs - The Andorian has been based, primed and dry-brushed

As a result, it took several more layers of "Vallejo" Heavy Sienna, plus some shading using "Citadel" Agrax Earthshade" before the large figure was ready to be dry-brushed with (more) "Vallejo" Heavy Sienna. I was then going to further highlight the towering creature with some "Vallejo" Heavy Brown. But was frankly worried that the Elemental wouldn't weather a second abrasive dry-brushing too well, so ultimately decided to simply leave the somewhat uninspiring miniature alone.

Alongside my latest addition to my Elemental Army I have also assembled one of the models found inside the Star Trek Adventures: The Next Generation Away Team boxed set by "Modiphius Entertainment". This somewhat impulse mini-project has been spurred on by my participation in some RPG sessions using the Andorian Lieutenant Thor Th'shrahrir; the experienced Flight Controller aboard the U.S.S. Franz Boas.

"Black Tree Design" WIPs - The Zygons have been primed and washed

My character is currently the pilot of a prototype shuttle-craft which has been dispatched under the watchful eye of Commander Onovren to investigate a faint subspace distress beacon from a nearby system. The RPG is already three sessions into the adventure, and things are definitely heating up now the long-forgotten Earth colony our shuttle-craft's crew have discovered believes we're responsible for sabotaging their town's only source of food and water...

Lastly, I recently uncovered a party of Zygons by "Black Tree Design", which I thought might make for a straightforwardly swift "Doctor Who" force for my homemade rule-set M.I.S.S. The sculpts are based upon the extra-terrestrial shape-shifters from the 1975 televised adventure "Terror of the Zygons", so rather than predominantly paint them "Vallejo" Heavy Skintone as I've repeatedly done with my "Warlord Games" Nu-Who re-imaginings, I went for the more colourful Heavy Orange instead.

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26 sept 2020

Thanks very much Undercoat. The Giant Earth Elemental is alright I think, and certainly towers above his much smaller Mudmen. The Andorian male sculpt is probably one of the best from the range tbh, and I've yet to decide upon which light blue to go with for the skin ;-)

Me gusta

26 sept 2020

Do you know what, I wasn't keen on that elemental mini when you posted your work in progress but now it's done it looks rather splendid! Great job on him. I also really like your Andorian figure, so make sure you paint him well pink skin!

Me gusta
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