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“Blood Bowl Sevens Teams Are Drafted..."

A Dwarf Blitzer (09), Linesman (05) and bareheaded Blitzer (14)

"Greetings eager sports fans, and welcome to the latest edition of Sunday Night Football. I'm Jim Maddenberg and along with my comrade-in-arms Thom Grassyglade, I’ll be bringing you all news concerning the latest developments for Blood Bowl Sevens.”

"The big news today is that the amateur game appears to have attracted the attention of an aspiring Dwarf team called the Rusty Buckets. Thom, those are some seriously old long-beards at no mistake. Do they really go as far back as the game’s classic second edition..?”

A Dwarf Kicker (01), Blitzer (10) and portly Blocker (15)

“That’s right, Jim. Remember the days of the World’s Edge Wanderers, Zhufbar Marktag, Durums Destroyers and the Dwarf Anvils..? Well, all eight of the players on this latest team’s roster stem from those heady days of single cast metal sculpts, courtesy of a much-appreciated gift from Iain White of “caveadsum1471” fame.”

“Why the club will even be re-employing an old Kicker model from the Dwarf Giants to use as a Runner for the modern-day rules. Sadly, there’s no sign of a glamorous Cheerleader or two, though Jim. But, to be honest, I doubt the Rusty Buckets would currently have the copper pieces to hire any.”

A Dwarf Blitzer (09), Linesman (07) and Linesman (05)

“So what’s the plan for these old, second-hand players then, Thom? Is their colourful yellow and blue attire going to survive the transition to the amateur leagues, or can we expect a completely new kit for these grizzled thirty-year plus veterans..?”

“Well time certainly isn’t going to be these guys’ friend, Jim, as they’re all due to be re-primed and given some particularly rusty-looking sportswear which better suits their club name. In addition, a further eight Dwarf players are impatiently ‘waiting in the wings’ to form either a second Old World Sevens side, or help bolster the Rusty Buckets’ roster to becoming a full-blown professional Blood Bowl team in the near future.”

"Thanks Thom. That just about concludes this particular Blood Bowl Sevens show. But please do join us again next time when we'll be taking a closer look at this club’s change in attire…”

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