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"Forces Of The Gotterdammerung!"

"Mech Grenadiers are among Germany's best in 1949. "

These models are actually another cheat in that like my models posted on the 11th January 2010, I painted them towards the end of 2009, and they’ve actually seen service on more than one battlefield. However, I have neglected to properly base them until now (and thus, perhaps unfairly, I plan to add them to my completed miniatures tally for 2010).

The models are by “West Wind Productions” and come from their ‘Secrets of the Third Reich’ ‘blister’ G-SOTR25 ‘German Mech Grenadier Command'. This is an interesting set as it comes with four separate and very different ‘character’ heads (two of which were different to those shown at the website). Frankly the radio operator’s head, complete with earphones, would look somewhat odd on a body other than that of the one carrying the two-way radio transmitter. But I did enjoy the jest of placing the head wearing a ski cap and smoking a cigarette upon the field medic’s body. The two remaining models seem to be simply officers caught in dramatic pose, so I gave one the head of a thick-moustached individual wearing a helmet (which somehow now makes the model give off the impression that its an America soldier?), and the other a bizarre (and poorly designed) head, complete with goggles and visor cap.

With the exception of the radio operator I painted their uniforms with Adeptus Battlegrey and Badab Black, but painted all four models’ body armour in Calthan Brown and Devlan Mud. This is the colour scheme I have previously used for my Mech Grenadiers and obviously wanted their officers to be similarly dressed. Having attached a spare mast from my “Brigade Models” ‘Aeronef’ collection to his backpack (to act as an aerial) I simply painted my radio operator in Chaos Black. This was in an attempt to give him (along with his blonde hair) the appearance of being from the ranks of the Gestapo, and because I wanted the models on the table quickly. For their skin I used a base coat of Tallarn Flesh, roughly highlighted with Elf Flesh, and then washed with Ogryn Flesh. I must confess to not being entirely convinced by these models (nor indeed my own painting of them) and may well revisit them at a later time, probably to ‘dress’ the radio operator in an Adeptus Battlegrey uniform.

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