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"Give Me A Weapon. I Will Destroy Him."

"By your dawn I shall be seven hundred million miles from here."

This 35mm metal Sontaran model is produced by “Warlord Games" and can be bought from their "Doctor Who: Into The Time Vortex" range as part of their two-figure boxed set "The Time Warrior". Forced "to make an emergency landing on Earth while on reconnaissance when his ship was attacked by a squadron of Rutan fighters", Jingo Linx was created by Robert Holmes and made his BBC Television debut in the 1973 story "The Time Warrior".

The Sontaran Commander in the Fifth Sontaran Army Space Fleet was initially undercoated with two layers of "Vallejo" Black, roughly dry-brushed with Heavy Charcoal and enthusiastically washed with "Citadel" Nuln Oil. I then pigmented the clone soldier's knee-pads, belt and neck armour base-coated with "Citadel" Ironbreaker as I have previously done before when painting these Classic Third/Fourth Doctor monsters.

"Doctor Who: Exterminate!" WIPs - A Tetrap, a Sontaran and a Tetrap Master

However, having checked the 'official' "Warlord Games" painting guide, and subsequently some colour photographs of actor Kevin Lindsay in his costume, it became clear that the Sontaran's knee-pads were actually black as opposed to silver, so I went back and re-painted this area in "Vallejo" Black. The remaining metallic areas were subsequently shaded with (more) "Citadel" Nuln Oil.

Linx's awkwardly held rheon carbine was 'picked out' using a combination of "Vallejo" Dead White and Pale Grey. Whilst the alien's somewhat swarthy-looking skin colour was created by shading his "Vallejo" Heavy Skintone flesh with some Strong Tone Quickshade by "The Army Painter".

"Doctor Who: Into The Time Vortex" WIPs - A Vervoid, two Cybermen and the Thirteenth Doctor

Having finished a Seventies incarnation of the "militaristic clones from the planet Sontar", I have been busy progressing another of the "Nu Who" versions, alongside a plethora of other "Doctor Who: Exterminate" figures. I've previously primed a number of the Seventh Doctor's terrifying Tetraps, but never got round to properly shading or dry-brushing them. However, as a result of getting plenty of practice in recently, 'building up' the layers of fur on some "Star Wars: Legion" Wookies by "Fantasy Flight Games", I thought I'd return to the half dozen miniatures and give them another try.

In addition, I have 'dug out' all nine of my Vervoids so as to see whether I can apply a similar dry-brushing technique to some predominantly green extra-terrestrials. Lastly, I have started base-layering, washing and detailing a few more "Warlord Games" figures for the Ninth Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, including the Thirteenth Doctor and the start of a "Tomb Of The Cybermen" faction...

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