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"I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost!"

"No job is too big, no fee is too big."

Having completed my ‘Ghost Rangers’ I have been scrambling around for some suitable miniatures to act as ghosts. I didn’t really want to purchase any new miniatures, and instead scoured my ‘lead mountain’ for some models that I wouldn’t ordinarily have painted.

These “Newark Model Soldier Company” models were given away free upon entrance to a number of the “Partisan” wargaming conventions, and just go to show how many of them I have attended over the past decade. They consist of (starting from the left of the back row): ‘Laurence the Asylum Attendant’, 'Paul the Postman’, ‘Stuart the Telegrapher’, ‘Harold the Hero’ and ‘Little Lau the Chimney Sweep’. The container of ‘ghost slime’ (to be used as an objective marker) is a plastic model from the old “Games Workshop” ‘Warhammer 40k’ boxed starter set ‘The Battle For Macragge’.

I actually used these models as a test for a colour scheme I want to use on a “Games Workshop” ‘Lord of the Rings’ Army of the Dead force, so I undercoated them all with Skull White. I then simply gave them a wash of Thrakka Green, a wash of Devlan Mud, and dry brushed them Skull White. I now plan to paint a second ‘Paul the Postman’, ‘Stuart the Telegrapher’ and ‘Little Lau the Chimney Sweep’ to help fill out the numbers of ghosts. I’m sure I’ve seen a butcher model somewhere as well...?

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