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"In Titanic Battles Along The Russian Front..."

"...The Germans bled heavily."

These “West Wind Productions” models are from the ‘Secrets of the Third Reich’ ‘blister’ G-SOTR01 “Mech Grenadiers GWHER 45 Auto Rifles (SHS) Gas Mask Heads”. However instead of their advertised heads, they came with four field cap heads. I thought these were disappointingly poor and have subsequently bought ‘blister’ SHS-SOTR01 “German Gas Mask Heads” for all of my future Grenadiers.

All of the models were initially treated to an undercoat of Chaos Black, before their uniforms were painted with Adeptus Battlegrey and Badab Black. Their body armour was then treated to a coat of Calthan Brown and Devlan Mud. To make them stand out from one another, each of the soldiers’ headwear was painted differently. A facemask and a field cap were painted Calthan brown and Devlan Mud in order to ‘fit in’ with their body armour. Another soldier’s field cap was painted Skull White and then washed with watered-down Astronomican Grey. All of the models’ visors were painted with Skull White before being given a wash of Baal Red and then Devlan Mud.

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