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(Lead) Mountain Musings - "Blades Of Khorne" February 2019

Bloodletter WIPs - The Hellblade-carrying daemons have all been assembled, primed, shaded and dry-brushed

This month's themed attempt to diminish my ever-increasing "landform" of metal, plastic and resin models will see me painting up a number of "Games Workshop" plastic figures from their "Age Of Sigmar" range. I'm hoping to settle down and fight plenty of "fantasy, tabletop miniature" wargames using this rule-set's second edition over the next several months so as to help better familiarise myself with all the changes it made last year to its gaming mechanics, and felt building a small 500 point strong Blades Of Khorne force to face my already painted 1000+ points Nurgle Host would be a good way to start the ball rolling.

Admittedly, I own a few finished Khorne units already for my large(ish) Chaos army, so I won't even be starting from "Square One" for this project. Yet I will still need to assemble, based, prime, paint and flock a good dozen or so models to achieve my required goal. Indeed, for now, I don't even plan on using all of my previously pigmented models, such as the unique leader Karanak, as I really want to keep my battletomes nice and simple.

"Toons Realms" WIPs - Lord Rascal, Rookie The Drangonlord and Tully The Toll Troll

As a result, I'll only currently be counting both my unit of Bloodletters (120 points) and Garrek's Reavers (60 points) from my existing forces, having taken their unit size, costs, battlefield role and any notes from the "General's Handbook 2018". This means I need to find both a Leader and at least one more Battleline unit, so I've recently bought the Blood God's immortal "Finecast" champion, Skulltaker (100 points) and assembled another ten Bloodletters (120 points) which have long sat upon the sprue in one of my drawers.

In addition, I have dusted off my almost complete Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne (80 points), which will not only take me close to my force's target cost tally for this month, but should also be pretty quick to get on the tabletop too. Of course, the Blades Of Khorne aren't simply all about daemons, and as I bought the original "Age Of Sigmar" Boxed Set when it was first released in 2015 I have plenty of plans for the Blades Of Khul's mortal minions in the future...

"Star Wars" WIP - A large Commerce Guild Homing Spider Droid ready for shading and dry-brushing

Momentarily stepping away from the Mortal Realms, I also aim to continue progressing my collection of "Toon Realms" inhabitants by "Lucid Eye Publications". The company have just announced their imminent "Caverns Of The Frog King" expansion, so I really need to finish painting all of Lord Rascal's Icky Spiders, Skeleton Swordsmen and Skeleton Warriors as soon as I can, along with the likes of Tully the Toll Troll, and then get them all submitted into the Ninth Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.

Similarly, I still have a fair few "Star Wars: Legion" figures by "Fantasy Flight Games" to complete, along with the many, many marvellous miniatures Phil Curran recently generously gifted me with when he arrived at my doorstep one night with a big box in his hands. In the past I've only taken a brush to a couple of my old "Wizards Of The Coast" "Star Wars" figures. However, I simply couldn't help immediately re-basing and undercoating a Commerce Guild Homing Spider Droid I spied, and hope to have it battling some Wookie Warriors on ‎Kashyyyk very soon.


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