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(Lead) Mountain Musings - "Blood Bowl" June 2019

"Blood Bowl" WIPs - These Greenfield Grasshuggers have been assembled and primed

This month's themed attempt to desperately diminish my mountain of unpainted metal, plastic and resin models will see hopefully me progressing a number of "Games Workshop" plastic figures from their fantasy football game "Blood Bowl" range. Currently I'm working on a number of partially-painted Chaos Chosen players for the Doom Lords, but in addition to finishing some of these Beastmen off, I am also determined to pigment a number of figures from the newly-released Greenfield Grasshuggers Halfling Team.

Indeed, my aim is to actually try and complete a half-dozen miniatures from the two opposing clubs, so as to start a small-scale league which will ultimately feature representatives from the Champions Of Death, Reikland Reavers, Nurgle's Rotters and Gouged Eye. To begin with though, I have merely assembled and primed a pint-sized Hopeful, a Catcher and a Hefty from "one of the most esteemed teams in the game", with the aspiration that an additional three more Hopefuls will join my painting queue once the initial trio are completed.

"Bandai" WIP - The 'Z-GOK' has been assembled and had its feet primed with "Vallejo" Turquoise

An element of this hobby which has never really captured my imagination before has to the science fiction media franchise known as Gundam, and its almost fanatical obsession with giant robots. As a result, no-one was arguably more surprised than myself when I walked out of the latest "MCM London Comic Con" carrying a 1/144th scale "HG Universal Century" model kit of the MSM-07 'Z-GOK' amphibious mobile suit.

This Principality of Zeon mass produced robot by "Bandai" will potentially be one of a 'handful' of miniatures I would like to build and paint over the next few months, in the hope that I can eventually field a couple of small forces to battle across a 15mm scale tabletop. Astonishingly, considering the sheer number of components which the figure comes in, I have already assembled the brute and super-glued its feet on a plastic 120mm oval stand produced by "Games Workshop".

"Toon Realms" WIPs - Grunt the Boar, the Frog Prince and Grimm the Wolf have been under-coated

However, my problems have actually only really now started, as the 'Z-GOK' is clearly multi-pose toy with numerous points of articulation. So I am clearly going to have to permanently fix its joints together whilst I apply a brush to its numerous sub-assemblies; two things I have very little experience of at this present moment in time. Plus, it'll be interesting to see how its pre-coloured plastic will take to "Vallejo" and "Citadel" paints...

Lastly, I have managed to prime a few more "Toon Realms" models by "Lucid Eye Publications" with the emphasis being on some of the range's large(ish) animal-based characters. Grunt the Boar, the Frog Prince and Grimm the Wolf are absolutely packed full of detail, with the formidably-sized Canis lupus potentially being the first of a Warg pack scouring Middle Earth.



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