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(Lead) Mountain Musings - "Dungeons & Dragons" March 2020

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

"Wizkids" WIP - The Walking Statue of Waterdeep: The Honorable Knight has been primed

This month's themed attempt to try and reduce my embarrassing backlog of metal, plastic and resin models will be a little different from normal as I plan to simply focus my efforts upon a single miniature, namely the Walking Statue of Waterdeep: The Honorable Knight by "Wizkids". Clocking in at an impressive 300mm in height this Icons of the Realms "premium" figure will be receiving quite a straightforward 'stone' paint-job, but will doubtless provide plenty of unforeseen challenges on account of his sheer size.

Indeed, originally I had planned to re-base the pre-painted plastic model onto a freshly-ordered "Citadel" 170mm x 105mm oval stand. But when it arrived it was too small for such a towering behemoth, so I've subsequently reattached it to the 175mm circular base it came with. I have also resisted the temptation to assemble the "gargantuan construct" prior to painting, and will therefor pigment its sword and huge shield separately.

"Otherworld Miniatures" WIPs - Two Goblins and a Fighter in Plate Mail

One of the side-effects of currently being so badly bitten by the "Dungeons & Dragons" bug is that I have also found myself flicking through some of the old "Fighting Fantasy" gaming books published by "Puffin Books", and as a result I thought I might give some of these old classics a re-read or four. However, I rather fancied having some models at hand to bring the games more to life, and as a result turned to a box of "Otherworld Miniatures" which I own.

This Hertfordshire-based manufacturer actually used to own the licence to "a range of 28mm [Limited Edition] miniatures based on characters and monsters from the Fighting Fantasy series of game-books." But that seems to have stopped now, probably due to "Atlantis Miniatures" and their highly successful Fighting Fantasy Legends: 28mm Resin Miniatures "Kickstarter" late last year. For now therefore, I'm going to stick with what I've got, picking up any necessary pieces as and when I need them for my adventures...

February 2020 - "Wizkids" dominated the month with a plethora of "Heroclix" miniatures

Statistics wise, the past four weeks have proved to be a fairly bog standard February for me, disappointingly only completing just over half the models I 'powered through' this time last year. However, that doesn't mean the month was in any way a disappointment, as I both finally got started on my "Marvel Crisis Protocol" backlog by "Atomic Mass Games", and whittled away more than a handful of old "Heroclix" sculpts by "Wizkids".

In fact, my love of super-heroes, or rather comic book villains, led to me polishing off quite a few dastardly denizens of the criminal world, such as Major Maxim, Black Manta, the Abomination and Zzzax. As well as providing them with a plethora of rubber-suited henchmen with which to do their bidding, including a few converted U-Men. I was also able to get plenty of progress made on a few "Dungeons & Dragons" themed pre-paints which will undoubtedly populate the posts of March 2020...


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