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(Lead) Mountain Musings - "Heroclix" February 2020

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

"Wizkids" WIPs - A Doombot 3095, Major Maxim and a Hulk Robot

This month's themed attempt to reduce my mass of metal, plastic and resin models will focus upon a large number of "Heroclix" pre-painted figures I've 'dug out' from my collection and started priming. Many of these miniatures actually represent the minions of both the "Marvel Worldwide" and "DC Comics" universes, and as a result have rather embarrassingly been gathering dust for quite a considerable time in numerous drawers, containers and on shelves.

For starters I plan on building up a sizeable force of Doombots for the Latverian Monarch, Victor Von Doom. I've previously painted a handful of the dictator's robotic replicas, but just the one Doombot 3095 before, so have re-based and primed as many of the 37mm tall figures as I could find in my "Wizkids" container box. Disconcertingly, I actually own another twelve of the mechanical brutes, so once finished, should be able to field quite the Doctor Doom force on the tabletop.

"Marvel Crisis Protocol" WIPs - Killmonger and the considerably larger Venom

Somewhat along similar lines, I thought it would be fun to progress some of the numerous Hulk foes the New Jersey-based company have produced over the years. I've already got both a green-skinned and grey-skinned painted model of Bruce Banner's alter-ego, along with the fiery Red Hulk. However, having recently fancied playing a few games sets within the Gamma Ray scientist's brutal world, I've realised that I'm distinctly lacking in villains for the jade giant to pummel, hence the desire to pigment four Hulk robots for starters...

As a slight change of pace I have also started work on a few more of the "Marvel Crisis Protocol" miniatures by "Atomic Mass Games". I'm still somewhat nervous about going 'all-in' on this game, as I own re-painted "Heroclix" versions of the majority of its range. But the idea of pitting arch-nemesis against their bitterest rival really appeals, so I have assembled Killmonger to face-off against my Black Panther, and Venom to battle my yet-to-be-built Spider-Man.

January 2020 - "Lucid Eye Publications" currently dominates my Top Ten Manufacturers of 2020

Productivity wise, the past four weeks have proved to be my third busiest January to date, and this has almost exclusively been as a result of my interest in the "Toon Realms" range of "Lucid Eye Publications. The 28mm scale "white metal figures" have really captured my imagination, and resultantly I've finished several partially-completed units I had previously 'benched' this time last year.

In addition to King Victor's Royal Guard and Men-at-Arms, I've also gone on to polish off some additional Grove's Shrubs, Sterling the Wandering Knight, and the first batch of four Lord Rascal's Ghostly Wraiths. Undoubtedly, a fair few more of this manufacturer's models will making an appearance in the weeks to come too, as I try to get a few more ready for submission into the Tenth Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.


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