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(Lead) Mountain Musings - "Supers Unlimited" July 2020

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

"Kitbash Games" WIPs - Blackthorn, Blue Scarab and The Shark

This month's endeavour to whittle away at my mountain of metal, plastic and resin models will primarily focus upon a selection of miniatures taken from the Supers Unlimited range by "Kitbash Games". "Designed to be size-compatible with many supers miniatures ranges" I managed to acquire a fair few of the resin figures from the company's recently successful "Kickstarter" campaign, and whilst I don't plan on using them for either "Pulp City" or the "Super Mission Force" gaming system, I do hope to get them on my Weird War Two tabletop soon.

Indeed, I've already previously 'repurposed' two of the models into the Cologne Clown (Punchline) and Vancouver Canuck (Roughneck) so I can incorporate them them into my quite considerably-sized Axis and Allies forces by "Westwind Productions". With that in mind I've therefore selected eight of my recently received pledge reward from Leon Mallet and divvied them up amongst the armies of Great Britain, the United States, German and the Soviet Union, penning some brief backgrounds to my heroes/villains on the way...

"Supers Unlimited" WIPs - Mayhem, Granite and Alpha Male

For the American forces I've gone with the classically named Liberty Lady (Blue Scarab) and Everglades (Blackthorn). I think the sculpting on the female crime-fighter is great, and unlike many of the other miniatures I plan to apply a similar palette to her as seen on her 'official' predominantly blue paint-job. Everglades on the other hand is clearly going to test my eyesight with the myriad of fantastic branches/vines which seemingly criss-cross over the ex-soldier's entire mutated torso.

Providing the British with a decidedly nautical air is the wonderfully posed Operative Porpoise (The Shark). As with Leon's sculpt for the Blue Scarab, I've wanted to get my hands on the model ever since I first laid eyes on it, and felt my naming the hero after a class of submarine used by the Royal Navy during the Second World War was pretty appropriate. Completing the Allied quartet is Stalingrad (Granite), a Russian powerhouse created from debris taken from the destroyed city on the western bank of the Volga River.

"Kitbash" WIPs - Tox, Big Brain and Doc Cosmos

Having painted a fair few Boromites in the past, from "Warlord Games" science fiction rule-set "Beyond The Gates Of Antares", I'm a little nervous about 'picking out' all the Soviet soldier's pebbles, but delightfully the figure's all-encompassing leotard should be fair simpler to pigment than the extra-terrestrial miners' technologically advanced battle armour. As for the Germans, I'm hoping to quickly rattle through the predominantly flesh-bearing Áchtung (Alpha Male) and the Berlin Brawler (Mayhem) , as well as the three-piece casting of the larger-sized Die Unordnung (Tox).

This'll then just leave me with the diminutive Doktor Propaganda (Big Brain), which will probably prove a bit fiddly to 'pick out' on account of the sculpt's dynamically crouched position and white laboratory coat. Finally, I've dug out my partially-painted miniature of Kid Kansas (Doc Cosmos) and am currently contemplating some changes to its colour scheme, perhaps following something along the lines of the Missouri city's American Football Team uniform...

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