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"Ochre Jellies Were A Dangerous Variety Of Subterranean Ooze."

"The ochre jelly extended itself and latched onto a victim, proceeding to constrict and engulf them."

This 28mm scale pewter model of a Large Ochre Jelly is manufactured by "Otherworld Miniatures" and is available under code DM7d from their range of Dungeon Monsters. Hand-sculpted by Paul Muller, the ooze lurks "in dungeons, slowly creeping along floors, walls, and ceilings... looking for victims", and featured in the 1977 edition of "The Monster Manual" by Tactical Studies Rules".

"Capable of dissolving any organic material" with its yellow-orange coloured acid, I initially super-glued this unaligned ooze to a plastic "Citadel" 40mm circular base, but quickly discovered that this gave me absolutely no room to manoeuvre when it came to gritting its base with modelling sand. As a result, the jelly was re-based onto a "Citadel" 50mm circular stand and primed using a few coats of "Vallejo" Heavy Goldbrown.

"The jelly can climb difficult surfaces, including upside down on ceilings..."

The "clean-up crew" creature was then enthusiastically washed using a copious amount of "Citadel" Gryphonne Sepia, and later doused in its deeper folds with some Strong Tone Quickshade by "The Army Painter". Lastly, the giant amoeba was dry-brushed using some (more) "Vallejo" Heavy Golden Brown.

This particular model was actually found in a long forgotten box of goodies produced by "Otherworld Miniatures" which also contained a single casting from their twin-pack DM7e, Small Ochre Jellies. The monster ordinarily turns into two of these smaller versions of itself when sliced apart by a sword or similar bladed weapon. However, the fact I have lost one of them didn't stop me from painting the other figure alongside its much larger version.

"Warzone" WIPs - The pair of Cybertronic Machinators have been primed, layered and shaded

In addition to discovering some more oozes, slimes and jellies for my "Dungeons & Dragons" adventures, I also found a collection of old Warzone Mutant Chronicles by the sadly defunct "Swedish publisher of roleplaying games", Target Games. Two of these miniatures, a couple of Cybertronic Machinators particularly caught my attention, and were immediately based/undercoated.

Knowing very little about the actual model range myself, as at the time of its popularity I was far more interested in the out-of-print collectible card game "Doomtrooper", I don't know a great deal about this universe, and therefore have little idea as to the lethal-looking robots' colour scheme. However, a predominantly silver and dark grey palette seems to be the most popular choice judging from the photographs I've seen, so that's the way I plan to go...


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