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"Removed Surgically Before Embryo Implantation.”

“They killed him getting it off.”

This horde of ten 10mm scale metal Manumala noxhydria are produced by “Pendraken Miniatures” as part of their Science Fiction range, and are available either as code SFC8 Face Huggers, or as part of code SFC-AP Alien Creatures Army Pack. The parasitoid models are clearly strongly influenced by Ridley Scott’s 1979 horror flick “Alien” but are arguably much too large in size compared to the rest of the extra-terrestrial creatures manufactured by the Middlesbrough-based company. Indeed, despite me personally using the xenomorphs alongside a number of 15mm scale aliens made by “Ground Zero Games”, I’d argue they’d work very well alongside 28mm models as well.

The single-pose models were attached in pairs to a small sized “Flames Of War” base by “Battlefront Miniatures” and primed using “Citadel” Abaddon Black. Each figure was then treated to a double application of "Vallejo" Heavy Ochre, followed by an initial wash of "The Army Painter" Quickshade Ink Strong Tone and "Citadel" Agrax Earthshade.

"Terrain Tiles" WIPs - The Quarter Cliff Outside Corner has been assembled

I had actually hoped that these Face Huggers would prove super-quick to complete. However, the rather flat sculpts required a lot of patience to be properly ‘picked out’, especially as the “Vallejo” Heavy Ochre was a little too runny when taken straight from the pot, so tended to simply spill down the model’s sides if not allowed to congeal a little on my mixing plate first.

With another of my Weekly Challenges finished, I took the opportunity to assemble a 6” x 6” MDF Quarter Cliff Outside Corner by “Anomalia Games” which was freely handed to me to try out during my recent trip to “Warfare” 2021. The multi-part kit was reasonably straightforward to build, although due to its very precise engineering I’d strongly recommend assembling it all at once as opposed to waiting for parts of it to dry separately, that way it is much easier to juggle some of the parts together so they properly fit inside a few of its holes.

"Lucid Eye Publications" WIPs - Two primed 'Hype Nifty Gifty Fifty Give Away' figures

Overall I was very impressed with the wooden board piece (valued at £4), and, should my plans to grit, flock and appropriately decorate the corner satisfactorily prove successful, intend to purchase at least a few more of the “Terrain Tiles” kits so as to build a small 2’ x 2’ skirmish board in the New Year. Of particular note is the fact that the company’s website has an excellent 3D builder on it which not only allows you to assemble a board from scratch, but then both orders and costs all the pieces required to build it.

In addition, I have based and undercoated the last two ‘Hyper Nifty Gifty Fifty Give Away’ figures I have previously been given by “Lucid Eye Publications” for the upcoming “Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.” The 28mm metal models were freebies to anyone who made a large enough order, and is now sadly out of production (OOP) having been replaced by an updated sculpt of a wizard sat upon a dice. However, I was lucky enough to get five in total before they were withdrawn, and resultantly have been painting them as objective markers.

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