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"So Long And Thanks For All The Fish."

Sadly, this will probably be one of the last of my postings on this website, following Wix's notification that I'm to apparently be charged £273.60 in a couple of months time in order to continue using the platform.

This really is the final straw at a time when Wix appears to be increasingly focusing upon their product as a web-store, as opposed to simply being an easy-to-build website - which was what attracted me to Wix in the first place.

Most recently this has lead to them removing all of their drag-and-drop template features for a much more clunky build mode - which has meant I can only update my current design (e.g. blog posts) rather than develop new pages without fear of decimating my past four years work.

Furthermore, one of the features I had started to utilise was a project area, where people could follow my progress on specific armies, manufacturers or rule-sets, and directly link these to specific blog posts. But the layout design I originally used to compile this page was seemingly withdrawn without notice and resultantly the area now neither looks or works as I had intended.

To make matters worse, Wix is definitely creaking at the seams, with my website losing the ability to utilise regular Tags once I've started working on a posting, mysteriously causing sentences to become web-links to nowhere, and not allowing me to place a space in between words on the titles of pictures.!?! There's also been a marked drop in comments and dialogue on my posts (which frankly is what I most enjoy about this hobby) due to regular followers being either unable to comment or simply join the website (despite being a member).

So what happens next..!?! Well, I have a couple of months left before the butcher's bill is due, so I plan to spend that time manually moving the last four year's worth of postings back to my old Blogger site. Luckily, I'm now much more familiar with HTML and Blogger's eccentricities, so whilst the process is undeniably time-consuming, it should be pretty straightforward. Indeed, I'm already close to completing December 2023's postings.

As for this website, I simply intend to cancel my membership just as soon as my blog is up-to-date, and frankly have no idea whether Wix will subsequently delete it or simply let it sit on their server. I do believe its current size slightly exceeds that of a free account though.

A massive thanks to everyone whose looked at my postings and commented over the past four years. It's been very much appreciated, and hopefully I'll see you back on the old blog here: Fantorical

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Mar 04

Always a pain when the blogging platforms get greedy, probably just as well you kept the old blog, although a pain you need to update all the content from this one to the old one.

Mar 04
Replying to

Thanks Dave. I think the big problem is that Wix have really shifted focus on their platform being used for selling stuff, and the loss of templates for new pages was a major blow for me. Plus, a price-tag of almost £300 is horrendous - especially as its not even a one-off life-time use payment,

Luckily, everything should slowly shift back across to Blogger, and indeed, the first of my new postings is already up over there today. 😀

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