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"Soldiers of the Rebel Alliance..."

"...This is our most desperate hour."

I've (re)based a load of Star Wars Rebel Alliance Troopers on some "Games Workshop" infantry movement trays. The models are part of a project based upon the “War of the Ring” rulebook by Games Workshop, but set in (a slightly askew version of) George Lucas’ Star Wars universe.

These ‘War of the Force’ models are predominantly from the “Rebel Storm” release of the Star Wars (pre-painted) Miniatures Game by “Wizards of the Coast”. They’ll form part of a six company strong Rebel Alliance Infantry formation based upon the rules for Oathsworn Bowmen (The Kingdom of Rohan). I’ve already based a General Obi Wan Kenobi model to lead the formation as a Captain, and a Princess Leia figure as a standard bearer.

The models were simply cut from their original bases (one of which was square?) and glued upon 25mm round bases. The bases were then flocked with modelling sand before being painted with Chaos Black. They were then dry brushed with Dark Flesh, then Dheneb Stone, before being washed with Devlan Mud. Finally some static grass was added to each base. This technique was also applied to the movement tray.


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