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"Terror Has Many Faces In 1949..."

"...Some great and some small."

I’ve finally managed to finish basing some new additions to my ever-expanding collection of “Secrets of the Third Reich” models. These “West Wind Productions” figures were actually painted towards the end of last year and have already ‘seen action’ (in breach of my usual stance of refusing to field fully painted and based miniatures). I’m hoping to get a small battle report completed at some point to ‘show off’ a simple set of homemade rules I use, as opposed to those contained within the “Grindhouse” “1949 – Secrets of the Third Reich” rulebook or its recent “Doomsday” supplement.

The two infantry models are from ‘blister’ G-SOTR28 ‘Panzerschreck Team’. Their uniforms were predominantly painted Adeptus Battlegrey with Badab Black, and their body armour with Calthan Brown and Devlan Mud in order to ‘tie-in’ with the rest of my German forces.

The same livery was used for the G-SOTR20 ‘German Para Drop Armour Flamethrower’ with the exception of his lower left leg, which was painted Mechrite Red and washed with Baal Red. I plan to field a number of Germans wearing Para Drop armour, and didn’t want them all to be simply ‘drab’ grey (as my philosophy is to apply simple paintjobs in order to get my models on the tabletop quickly). “Shining Gold” with a “Coat d’arms” Brown Ink wash was applied to some areas of the model’s flamethrower and backpack in order to distinguish some details from an ‘overall’ application of Boltgun Metal and Badab Black.

I managed to purchase the US-SOTR14 ‘US Battle Suit 50 Cal HMG – Comanche’ second-hand (as part of a pair of SOTR-SP03 ‘US Armoured Infantry’ starter sets), and am glad I did as despite its significant weight, I’m unsure whether I would have been entirely happy paying £9.99 for so difficult a model to construct. The joints provided by the sculptor have no hope of keeping this ‘beast’ together. Indeed, even after some significant drilling and pinning, and some liberal applications of (various) superglues, the arms continued to droop or the torso fell apart. In the end, I had to resort to some generous ‘dollops’ of "Milliput" to ensure a ‘fit’ and even then in order to guarantee its sturdiness, acquiesce to a rather ‘unthreatening’ pose.

Fortunately, the model was simple to paint with its dominant Knarloc Green with a wash of Devlan Mud and Thrakka Green colour scheme. To break up this ‘monotony’ however, I picked out different areas of the model with Boltgun Metal and Badab Black.

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