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"The Dead Awaken..."

"...For the hour is come for the Oathbreakers."

These four "cartoon scale white metal" Skeleton Swordsmen are produced by “Lucid Eye Publications” and are available from the company's "Toon Realms" range. Sculpted by Steve Saleh and led by Lord Rascal, I thought this quartet would form part of the Undead Light Foot unit I'm currently building for my 'Lord Of The Toons' project using the "Dragon Rampant" rule-set.

Originally primed with two coats of "Vallejo" Dark Sand, the four miniatures were somewhat soaked in "The Army Painter" Strong Tone Quickshade and subsequently dry-brushed using (more) "Vallejo" Dark Sand. I then dry-brushed them rather more lightly with Dead White, before 'picking out' their swords and shield emblems using a combination of "Citadel" Ironbreaker and Nuln Oil.

"Who shall call them from the grey twilight, the forgotten people?"

So as to give the hand-weapons something of an edge, and to 'highlight' the details on the skeletons' ornamental armoured boss, both of these areas were later delicately dry-brushed with a little smidgen of "Citadel" Ironbreaker. I also painted each of their shields in either "Vallejo" Heavy Sienna, Heavy Blue, Heavy Violet or Black, and eventually dirtied them all up with a splash of "Citadel" Nuln Oil.

Shifting my focus away from fantasy-based miniatures and to those from "a galaxy far, far away" I have succumbed to assembling even more figures from the "Star Wars: Legion" range by "Fantasy Flight Games". Perhaps somewhat naively I still have little intention of actually using the manufacturer's models to play their 'official' "game of thrilling infantry battles in the Star Wars universe!", yet that hasn't stopped me wanting to be able to field two sizeable opposing forces with which to re-fight the Galactic Civil War with a rule-set such as "Doctor Who: Exterminate!" by "Warlord Games".

"Star Wars: Legion" WIPs - An Imperial Royal Guard, Leia Organa and Emperor Palpatine

Resultantly, I have decided to add an additional hero to my Rebel Alliance army in the shape of Leia Organa. To be honest I'm a bit disappointed that the current Commander Expansion sculpt of the princess disconcertingly depicts her during the young woman's exploits on Endor's moon during "Return Of The Jedi", rather than that of "A New Hope". But hopefully an alternative sculpt of Alderaan's senator, complete with her iconic "cinnamon buns" hairstyle, will be made available at a future date.

In addition to Darth Vader's daughter I have also based and primed both the Emperor Palpatine, as well as his four Imperial Royal Guards. The Sith Lord himself should be a reasonably straightforward piece to paint, whilst his quartet of "enigmatic warriors", including a leader and electrostaff-armed guard, are going to understandably be a bit more colourful...

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