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"The Galaxy Is In Flames."

"The Emperor's glorious vision for Humanity is in ruins..."

These two 8mm scale fuel tanks are produced by "Games Workshop" and can be found inside the Nottingham-based company's Manufactorum Imperialis scenery set for "Adeptus Titanicus". Assembled from parts taken from the four "frames of detailed components" found within the box, both of these containers were built using two separate components and accompanied by a small cluster of individual oil drums.

It's clear that all of the Manufactorum Imperialis models are designed to be free-standing. But as I've always liked to base my terrain, especially when some of it is so small, I decided to assemble a simple vignette upon a pair of "Citadel" 50mm circular bases, and permanently attached all the parts in place with a few dollops of plastic glue. Hopefully, this would allow me to use these particular miniatures as scenic storage or some such for my 15mm sci-fi gaming tabletop...

"...His armies locked in brutal civil war."

All of the models were primed using two coats of "Citadel" Abaddon Black and subsequently layered with a double-helping of Ironbreaker. I then drenched them in "Citadel" Nuln Oil and dry-brushed the ensemble with (more) Ironbreaker. Finally, in order to help 'weather them' I sporadically applied some "Citadel" Agrax Earthshade and "Mig Productions" Extreme Rust Wash in many of the numerous nooks and crannies.

In addition to finishing my "Adeptus Titanicus" terrain, I have completed two more of my twelve dedicated painting sessions for my twenty-four hour 'Paint An Entire Project" Challenge using "Crooked Dice Game Design Studio" models. I've set aside any unfinished "Planet Of The Apes" character models and spent the vast majority of my time ploughing through the eight Apes armed with batons I aim to use as General Ursus' main force of Simian Minions.

"Crooked Dice Game Design Studio" WIPs - Two Apes armed with baton and one with a man-catcher

I'm not a great fan of batch painting so initially started working on just one of the gorilla soldiers, slowly working out a basic colour scheme I was happy with, and establishing what wash/dry-brush combinations would speed up the overall pigmentation process. Ordinarily, I like to paint my miniatures from the ground up and ensure each lower area is layered, shaded and highlighted before moving further up the figure.

However, with these particular sculpts that process has proved a bit more painful than usual because all the ape's straps and pouches have occasionally caused me to inadvertently 'catch' a previously painted part of the miniature with my brush-tip. As a result, for the rest of the bunch I'm simply going to try to get all of the base colours on the models as carefully as possible, and then tidy them all up at the end, rather than as I go along...

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