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"The M5A1 Stuart Was Used As A Forward Patrol Tank..."

"...With the ability to call in artillery support and heavier armour."

These three 10mm metal American light tanks are sold individually by “Pendraken Miniatures” as Code BRV58 - M5 Stuart and each consist of a separate hull and turret. However, I picked them all up within a single plastic clamshell whilst visiting the Middlesbrough-based manufacturer's stall at Salute 50, and, having established that the armoured vehicle did see "action in the World War Two Battle of the Bulge", have added them to my growing Allied Winter War contingent.

Resultantly, all the tanks' turrets were super-glued in place and independently housed upon a plastic 30mm x 40mm rectangular stand. The trio were then undercoated with some "Vallejo" Surface Primer, treated to two layers of "Vallejo" USA Olive Drab, and washed with "Citadel" Reikland Fleshshade. Furthermore, they were given a dry-brush of (more) "Vallejo" USA Olive Drab and had their wheel tracks treated to a combination of "Vallejo" Gunmetal and "Citadel" Nuln Oil.

"The Battle of the Bulge was the last major German offensive campaign on the Western Front."

I also briefly considered applying some names to the M5 Stuarts from "Decal Details" 10mm US Armour Names and Slogans sheet - as I have previously done with six Sherman M4A4 tanks. However, from the photographs I found of the armoured vehicles during the Ardennes Offensive they seemed to simply wear Allied Stars, so went with that option instead.

Alongside my refreshingly straightforward tank project, I have finished another (much more time-consuming) 28mm plastic Space Marine by "Games Workshop" from their Warhammer: The Horus Heresy – Age of Darkness boxed set. This multi-part figure has been assembled wearing MK VI armour and will form part of a (second) ten-man strong tactical squad for my five-hundred-point Sons of Horus traitor force.

"A Sons of Horus army fights on every front."

The miniature was initially primed with "Citadel" Sons Of Horus Green, before being heavily washed with Nuln Oil, and dry-brushed with (more) Sons Of Horus Green. I also applied some "Citadel" Abaddon Black to one of his shoulder-pads, his grenades, Bolter, chain bayonet, backpack, helmet, and the ever so difficult to reach joints of his Corvus Armour.

The Space Marine's power tubes, "anti-personnel ballistic weapon", and equipment were later treated to a combination of "Vallejo" Gunmetal and "Citadel" Nuln Oil. I then gave the miniature's right shoulder-pad a single coat of "Vallejo" Heavy Sienna, before applying some "Vallejo" Gold and a splash of "Citadel" Agrax Earthshade to it. These areas were later highlighted using some additional touches of "Vallejo" Gold along the edges, iconography and rivets.

As with all my Sons of Horus I lastly applied some "Scalecolor" Speed Metal to the figure's eye lenses. These were subsequently given a lick of "Citadel" Flesh Tearers Red and tidied up with some "Citadel" Abaddon Black. Lastly, I applied a couple of the many decals found on the "Games Workshop" Sons of Horus Legion transfer sheet onto the model's bare shoulder-pad and right thigh armour plate.

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