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Warhammer 40K Report: Black Templars Verses Bloodletters


This game was played using the "Warhammer 40,000" core rules by “Games Workshop” which can be found within the "First Strike" starter set, and predominantly followed the parameters stipulated for the scenario found inside the booklet's "Only War" chapter. However, in order to allow both sides to get to grips with the rules for the first time and avoid painting numerous models before a die had been thrown in anger, a 'House Rule' was utilised which made each figure a unit within its own right. This meant there would be no unit coherency, and the Morale Phase would affect the entire army rather than a simple squad of space marines or daemons of Khorne. In addition, instead of a player completing all of a turn's different phases (e.g. Moving, Shooting, Charging) before passing over control to their opponent, each side was instead allowed to 'activate' their units during each phase.

"The story so far… Whilst exploring some ruins on the planet Simbad Seven, a small unit of Black Templars have discovered the presence of an ancient relic near to a long abandoned plaza. Lead by Sergeant Munday, the space marines are just within striking distance of their prize when a scouting party of Bloodletters appear before them. Clearly the Blood God, Khorne, intends to steal for relic for himself..."


Totalling 91 points, the seven Black Templars were all armed with a Bolt pistol, Boltgun, Frag grenades and Krak grenades. Sergeant Munday was deployed within the ruins of Terrace Two, whilst three of his warriors were placed in Terrace One and the other three deposited in Terrace Three. Costing just 90 points, the ten-figure strong Bloodletter raiding party all carried Hellblades. Their leader, a Bloodreaper, and three of his red-skinned minions were inside Terrace Four, and were flanked by a trio more of their daemonic brethren in the Tower, as well as more Slaughter-kin in Terrace Five.

As per the scenario's stipulations, before the first turn began, one of the four objective markers [gargoyle statues] was randomly chosen. At the end of the battle it would be worth 6 victory points to the side who controlled it. Ordinarily, the other objective markers would have been removed from the battlefield, but on this occasion they remained on the tabletop as simple pieces of terrain. Objective Four was selected as the Ancient Relic. In addition, both Sergeant Munday and the Bloodreaper rolled the Warlord Trait "Tenacious Survivor" for the duration of the battle, meaning that they could "roll a dice each time" they lost a wound. "On a 6, the Warlord shrugs off the damage and does not lose a wound."


Due to the Bloodletters being "the Underdog" faction, they went first and decided to "Advance" west with the three lesser daemons emerging from the ruins of Terrace Five so as to reach the Ancient Relic [Objective Four]. To the north, the trio of Khorne's foot-soldiers in the tower seemed to be far more eager, with one actually speeding its way to the outskirts of the Fallen Statue. The Bloodreaper, accompanied by one of his brethren, jumped down from Terrace Four and scampered to the eastern edge of the Plaza, leaving the remaining two Slaughter-kin behind.

Across the cityscape Sergeant Munday also advanced, leading one of the space marines from Terrace Three out towards the Plaza. The remaining two Adeptus Astartes rushed east towards the ruined Plinth, whilst the three Black Templars inside Terrace One merely lined up outside ready to gun down any daemon foolish enough to show their fork-tongued head.


Unhappily for the Bloodletters one of their number was indeed visible skulking beside the Fallen Statue, and Boltgun fire spat out across the deserted street. The Rapid Fire weapon was "within half the weapon's maximum range" meaning the space marine could double "the number of attacks" it made. Under such intense firepower even the blood-thirsty creature's "Daemonic" invulnerability save couldn't keep it alive, and it quickly died. The rest of the successful Black Templar's squad-mates tried to replicate his feat by firing upon the Bloodletter crouched beside the Bloodreaper. But the Emperor was not with them and they failed to fell the beast. Frustratingly, Sergeant Munday had sight of the Bloodreaper through a gap in the Plaza's ruins, but because he had 'Advanced' this turn he was unable to shoot (or Charge).

The Bloodletters by the Ancient Relic scrambled to the eastern edge of the Plinth, and watched as the Bloodreaper moved towards them using the wall of the Plaza as cover. Under the ever-watchful eye of the "Chosen of Khorne" who stood atop Terrace Four, the Slaughter-kin in the north scurried about the Fallen Statue looking to keep solid rock between them and the Boltguns of their foes.


Anticipating a charge, the two space marines by the Plinth moved back to the edge of Terrace Three, whilst the Black Templar accompanying Sergeant Munday made his way to a nearby gargoyle statue [formerly Objective Two]. Munday himself entered the Plaza looking to take a shot at the big bad Bloodreaper skulking about outside its ruined eastern wall if he could. Using his communicator he summoned two of the Adeptus Astartes outside Terrace One to hurry south down the street to Terrace Two.

Both the space marine stood beside a gargoyle statue and Sergeant Munday opened fire upon the Bloodreaper. But the "Warmonger of Khorne" was spared from death by the saving bonus it repeatedly received from the surrounding ruin. In return the southernmost Bloodletter by the Fallen Statue charged towards Munday and remarkably successfully reached its target. The creature was awarded "Unstoppable Ferocity", gaining +1 to its Strength and Attacks "until the end of the turn" and momentarily appeared about to slaughter the Black Templar's leader.

Disconcertingly however, the "Crimson Death" failed to land a blow upon the experienced space marine, and soon afterwards fell to the ground dead with a shattered skull, courtesy of a well-placed punch to the face. The Bloodletters survived the subsequent Morale Phase but despite currently holding the Ancient Relic had lost two of their number in the process, and were about to relinquish control of the centrally-placed Plaza to the Black Templars as well...

To be continued...

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