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"We Must Survive. We Must Survive."

"That gun will not harm me."

This 40mm tall metal Cyberman miniature is sold by “Warlord Games” and can be bought as part of their "The Tomb of the Cybermen" expansion set for the "Doctor Who: Exterminate!" miniatures game. Sculpted to closely resemble actor Michael Kilgarriff as the Cyber-Controller from the 1967 television story "The Tomb Of The Cybermen", the large imposing silver cyborg "directed lesser-ranking Cybermen and Cyber-Leaders from the Cyber-Tombs..."

Initially undercoated with a double helping of "Citadel" Abaddon Black, the emotionless monster was subsequently treated to two layers of Ironbreaker and a wash of Nuln Oil. He was then dry-brushed with more Ironbreaker, before I 'picked out' the Cyberman's eyes and mouth with a little more Abaddon Black. Luckily though, unlike the rest of the Cyber-Controller's mechanical minions, I didn't need to additionally paint all the somewhat torturous body-tubing which covers his limbs black and was therefore able to simply leave these silver.

Aggedor WIPs - The Royal Beast of Peladon has been shaded, dry-brushed and detailed

As a final touch I applied some "Vallejo" Heavy Orange to the model's "enlarged, dome-shaped semi-transparent brain case." On the small screen this part was actually lit from the inside, so in order to try and replicate that pulsating glow I randomly dabbed some "Citadel" Carroburg Crimson over the area and allowed it to haphazardly congeal.

I also momentarily considered basing my Cyber-Controller on a static grass-flocked base, in order for it to be fielded alongside all my other "Doctor Who: Into The Time Vortex" Cybermen. This was particularly tempting as I have already previously painted a Cyberman from this particular era courtesy of the "Nightmares In Silver" Cybermen Collector's Set 1966-2013, so could have potentially used the figure as one of the Cyber-Controller's minions. In the end though, common sense soon made me realise the error of my ways, and the extra-terrestrial giant was given a snowy stand.

"Black Tree Design" WIPs - The Silurians and Myrka have all been washed and shaded prior to more dry-brushing

Sticking with "Doctor Who", albeit this time miniatures previously produced by "Black Tree Design", I have continued to make some good progress on a selection of 28mm scale models from both the Third and Fifth Doctor's tenures. Foremost of these has been the sacred symbol of Peladon, Aggedor, who appeared in two of my favourite Jon Pertwee serials "The Curse of Peladon" and "The Monster of Peladon".

In addition, I am slowly working my way through a dozen Silurians, including their leader Scibus. I've actually spent a little while experimenting upon a couple of the figures with a combination of Brown and Green washes to try and capture something of their reptilian nature, but have also been practising a similar shading technique upon their genetically modified deep-sea creature, the Myrka.


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