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"You're Doomed! You're All Doomed!"

"I'm a messenger of God. You're doomed if you stay here!"

This 40mm scale resin figure of Jason was sculpted by Nikola Stankovic and 3D printed for me by "Encounter Terrain". The miniature's STL (Standard Triangle Language) file is available under the creator Splunjohnny on "Cults" website and was clearly inspired by Sean S. Cunningham's 1980 American slasher film "Friday The 13th".

"Depicted as a non-verbal, indestructible, machete-wielding mass murderer" Voorhees was undercoated with a double helping of "Citadel" Abaddon Black, before having his trousers treated to a combination of "Vallejo" Stormy Blue and "Citadel" Agrax Earthshade. The homicidal maniac's jumper was then pigmented with "Vallejo" Sombre Grey, "Citadel" Agrax Earthshade, and a splash of Carroburg Crimson to suggest it was somewhat blood-soaked from a previous kill.

"Big Mr Tong" WIPs - 3D printed/primed Sardaukar and a Sentry Robot

I tidied up Jason's shirt and boots with a little more "Citadel" Abaddon Black, and applied plenty of "Vallejo" Heavy Brown to his tattered jacket. This garment was later shaded using "Citadel" Agrax Earthshade and dry-brushed with (more) "Vallejo" Heavy Brown. In addition, I gave his machete a lick of "Vallejo" Gunmetal and "Citadel" Nuln Oil.

Ordinarily I would then go back and dry-brush the actual blade with (more) "Vallejo" Gunmetal. However, I wanted to keep the hand-weapon dull-looking, to tie-in with the 'undead' look, so didn't bother on this occasion. Instead I applied some "Vallejo" White to the villain's infamous hockey face-mask, and found myself rather perturbed by how 'chalky' it had become, despite watering it down. As a result, I turned to White Star from "Duncan Rhodes Two Thin Coats" range, and once that had dried, dirtied it up with some "Citadel" Agrax Earthshade.

"Big Mr Tong" WIPs - 3D printed/primed Sardaukar and a Sentry Robot

Finally, I 'picked out' the raised stripes on the sculpt's headwear with some lines of "Vallejo" Heavy Red and a dash of "Citadel" Carroburg Crimson. I also gave the monster's hands, head and neck a layer of "Vallejo" Heavy Skintone and wash of "Citadel" Reikland Fleshshade. I did consider bloodying these areas up a bit with some (more) "Citadel" Carroburg Crimson. But chose to simply leave them be, and stuck with the bare hands even after I spotted plenty of pictures of the silver screen slayer wearing black gloves.

With the start of the Thirteenth Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge now less than a day away, I have spent some considerable time 3D printing, basing and priming more of the 28mm scale figures I hope to pigment during the event. In addition to expanding my collection of Sardaukar troopers by "Big Mr Tong", I have also produced some extra Sentry Robots to help bolster up the automatons bought from "Twisted Pinnacle 3D" (via "Etsy") I painted earlier this year...

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