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"A Streak Of Silver Crosses The Sky..."

"...Heralding the Devourer Of Worlds."

This 32mm scale plastic model of the Silver Surfer is produced by “CoolMiniOrNot” and can be found inside the "Marvel Zombies: Galactus The Devourer" expansion set. Created by artist Jack Kirby, the "humanoid alien with metallic skin who can travel through space with the aid of his surfboard-like craft" made his first comic book appearance in the March 1966 issue of "Fantastic Four" by "Marvel Comics".

The entire model was initially treated to a double coat of "Vallejo" Surface Primer Grey, before being given two layers of Mythril Blade from "Duncan Rhodes Two Thin Coats" range. The founding member of the "Titans Three" and his indestructible cosmic board was then shaded using some heavily watered-down Oblivion Black Wash and patiently dry-brushed with (more) Mythril Blade.

"CoolMiniOrNot" WIPs - This zombie Silver Surfer is awaiting various washes

I did momentarily consider 'picking out' the Silver Surfer's eyes with a little White Star. Yet in the end decided to leave the pupils well enough alone. I also pondered doing something with the sculpt's slightly swirling base, rather than simply give it a couple of licks of "Citadel" Abaddon Black. However, once again I felt anything other than a plain colour might distract the eye from the actual miniature itself.

Alongside this "powerful herald" though, I have been busy additionally pigmenting the expansion's Zombie Silver Surfer figure. This model was initially painted in precisely the same manner as Norrin Radd's uninfected incarnation. But will subsequently be 'rotted up' with various green, brown and red shades, as well as a few dollops of "Vallejo" Heavy Red and "Citadel" Flesh Tearers Red.

"Wargames Atlantic" WIPs - These N'Glonhgk Infantry have been primed, shaded and dry-brushed

Furthermore I have successfully 3D printed, assembled and primed half a dozen N’Glonhgk Infantry by "Wargames Atlantic". These frog-headed extra-terrestrials form part of the company's Death Fields range, and took a couple of evenings to produce on account of the heads, bodies, weapons and arms all being separate STL (Standard Triangle Language) files.

Luckily, being composed of "Elegoo" Water Washable Resin each alien was assembled without much difficulty using a small amount of super-glue. I aim to give the 'Frog Men' a rather straightforward colour scheme so as to get them on the tabletop quite quickly, and hope to use them as the start of a much larger "Xenos Rampant" campaign where the bipedal carnivorous amphibians attempt to invade the Earth during the Second World War in an effort to turn the planet's population into a giant source of food...

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