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Empowered By A Spirit From Malifaux's Ancient Past..."

"...The elements of winter answer Rasputina's call."

Having purchased them from “MCS Miniatures” in November 2009, I've only recently completed painting this “Wyrd Miniatures” boxed set of the “Cult Of December”. Originally bought as an introduction to the “Malifaux” rule set, my enthusiasm for this mini-project has remained relatively strong, despite my decision not to actually purchase the rulebook (or gaming card decks). Instead I plan to use these 28mm metal miniatures as a possible alternative as ‘ghosts’ for “Ganesha Games” “Song of Blades and Heroes” horror skirmish rule set “Fear and Faith”.

All three of the “Ice Gamin” were undercoated with Mordian Blue and then generously washed with Asurmen Blue. The single-piece metal models were then ‘dry-brushed’ Mordian Blue and Ultramarines Blue. Their claws, toenails and spines were ‘picked out’ first with Chaos Black, and then Skull White. These areas were then treated to a wash of Devlan Mud. Their eye sockets were first painted Chaos Black, before a tiny ‘dot’ of Skull White was used for their eyes.

“Rasputina” was undercoated Chaos Black and then ‘dry-brushed’ Mordian Blue for her skirt. Her stockings were painted Dheneb Stone and Devlan Mud, whilst her sash was painted Mechrite Red and Baal Red. To make her skin appear icy and cold, it was painted Skull White and Asurmen Blue. Areas such as her nose, cheeks, thighs and fingers were then ‘picked out’ with Skull White, and all of her flesh was again treated to a wash of Asurmen Blue. The Arcanist’s bearskin armour was painted with Fortress Grey and then washed with watered-down Asurmen Blue.

"In Maulifaux, December is the longest month."

However, to make the cuffs, collar and hat stand out they were painted using Codex Grey and Devlan Mud. These areas were then ‘dry-brushed’ Fortress Grey. Ice Blue and Asurmen Blue was used for her hair. As with the “Ice Gamin”, the “Ice Golem” was undercoated Mordian Blue and then washed with Asurmen Blue. However the four-piece metal construct was then heavily ‘dry-brushed’ with Fortress Grey before being given a light ‘dry-brush’ of Skull White.

The “Hoarcat Pride” was bought separately from the “Rasputina” boxed set and proved fiddly beyond belief, as each model (despite its tiny size) came in two pieces. Each beast was undercoated Codex Grey and then washed with Devlan Mud. The pride were then ‘dry-brushed’ Fortress Grey before and Skull White. Their eyes were ‘picked out’ with Blood Red. With the exception of the “Ice Golem” and the one of the three “Ice Gamin” models, the “Rasputina” “Cult Of December” set has proved somewhat disappointing.

Two of the “Ice Gamin” figures appear to have been ‘squished flat’, whilst painting “Rasputina” herself proved a real test due to the uninspiring nature of the (rather frail and thin-looking) figure. At £4.50 the “Hoarcat Pride” does seem somewhat overpriced for what the blister actually contains but the “Malifaux” range is expensive. An additional demoralising disappointment was the dour effect simply gluing “Games Workshop” “Citadel Snow” directly on top of “Modelling Sand” had for the miniature’s bases.

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28 nov. 2020

Thanks Phil. Sadly, although I did play a game (or maybe two) using the Cult Of December, I never got to use these minis. Probably never will now either...


28 nov. 2020

Lovely stuff.

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