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"Eyes On The Pies!"

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

"Wipe those greasy little fingers on your trousers..."

"Greetings sports fans. I'm Jim Maddenberg, and welcome to another Mid-Week Football special. This time round we'll be taking a look at the latest club to put their name in the hat for the upcoming season, the Greenfield Grasshuggers, as well as catching up on all the news from the Doom Lords locker room too. But first my fellow presenter, Thom Grassyglade, has a tasty treat for you... Eh? Is that a pastry of some kind, Thom..!?!"

"Right you are Jim. This pastie was freshly baked by Bartweed Crumbleberry's missus just an hour ago, and is almost certain to end the Halfing's opening match inside one of their portly player's bellies rather than in their opponent's score zone. Indeed, it smells so good I'm not sure Head Coach Drago Foodcraver is going to be able to keep his hands off of his own team's game-ball before the starting whistle has even blown."

"Blood Bowl" WIPs - A Catcher, a Hopeful and a Halfling Hefty

"One of three plastic well-baked balls found within The Greenfield Grasshuggers boxed set, the tatty oggy was super-glued onto a 25mm circular base and primed using "Vallejo" Heavy Brown. It was then shaded using a little Strong Tone Quickshade by "The Army Painter" and dry-brushed with more "Vallejo" Heavy Brown."

"Fascinating stuff, Thom, and with such match benefits it's easy to see just how club owner Ricard Whalloper II has already announced the imminent signing of his side's first three players... Lumpin Hoop, Ernald Spiritburner and Jingo Merrychap. What more can you tell us about these Halfling Hopefuls, Thom?"

The Doom Lords WIPs - A Chosen Blocker and Beastman Runner

"Well its early days for the Landlord of the Tumble Down Dick's Coaching Inn yet, Jim, with all three participants still needing a considerable amount of work before they'll be match ready. For now however, there's the promise of a well-stocked food hamper for any halfling who survives a game, plus the rumour of a Treeman having been sighted at the Greenfield training ground..."

"Thanks Thom, that certainly sounds like some marvellous nosh will be on the table whenever the six-time Thimble Cup Winners take to the pitch. But before we wrap up there's just enough time to confirm that Harry the Idolator has stated that he still intends to bring at least one more Beastman Runner and a third Chosen Blocker to the Doom Lords within the next few days. Hopefully we'll be able to cover this story in further detail in our next broadcast."

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