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"His Mind Focused On The Dread Imperial Troops..."

"...The killers without mercy, the soldier-fanatics of the Padishah Emperor."

These four 28mm scale Sardaukar were sculpted by "Big Mr Tong" and can be downloaded for free as part of a ten-figure set of STL (Standard Triangle Language) files from his "Patreon" subscription service. Based upon David Lynch's vision of the Emperor's elite warriors as first seen in his 1984 American science-fiction film "Dune", the miniatures were produced using "Elegoo" Water Washable Resin on a Mars 3 Pro 3D Printer.

Each figure was undercoated in "Citadel" Abaddon Black, and heavily dry-brushed with "Vallejo" Heavy Charcoal. The super-human soldiers' belts were then 'picked out using a little "Vallejo" Steel Blue, and their firearms with Gunmetal. Finally, each model was entirely 'drowned' in "Citadel" Nuln Oil and the Sardaukar's distinctive green face-visor realised using a combination of "Scalecolor" White Alchemy and the "Citadel" Contrast paint Warp Lightning.

"Papsikels Miniatures" WIPs - This Yurneyan Golem Exofist Mask has been primed, shaded and dry-brushed

Alongside the last of my Sardaukar for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge (AHPC), I have been progressing three more models produced by "Papsikels Miniatures" as part of their PAPSIPACK Welcome Models subscription set on "Patreon". I actually produced four of the Yurneyan Golem Exofist Mask figures. But during the printing process one of them sadly lost an arm.

The miniatures are strongly influenced by the look of the Engineers from the Alien movie franchise, and are absolutely crammed full of fine detail as a result. Like the vast majority of the company's considerably-sized science fiction range I am planning on using them to try out my "Duncan Rhodes Two Thin Coats", so have settled upon a somewhat simple, predominantly blue-grey paint-scheme for the "beneficent creators of sorts."

"Wizkids" WIPs - Sauron has been primed, shaded and dry-brushed

In addition, I seem to have found myself caught up in the digital "fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping, strategic card battler" known as "Marvel Snap" by "Second Dinner". This frighteningly addictive computer game has definitely got me highly enthused for super-heroes, so having had a rummage around my "Heroclix" backlog, I thought I'd put my passion to good use by pigmenting an old plastic figure of Doctor Karl Lykos' villainous alter-ego I've had gathering dust for many a year.

I'm hoping that by focusing upon this single miniature I will stave off any possibility of me abandoning my painting plans for this month and suddenly diving headlong down a rabbit hole crammed full of Marvel, DC Comics and other Indie comic book characters. Albeit, I have 3D printed a handful of "C27 Studio" sculpts, just in case I fancy tackling a few more of their 40mm scale metahumans...

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