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"Hope You Don't Mind, Found This In The Closet Upstairs."

"Oh, I don't need a degree to figure you out."

This 28mm tall plastic “Wizkids” model of Batman Beyond is miniature number 016 from the Batman The Animated DC "Heroclix" range, and depicts Terry McGinnis after the sixteen year-old High School student assumes the role of Batman in 2039 A.D. Mentored by an elderly Bruce Wayne, the new Dark Knight made his debut in January 1999 on the "Batman Of The Future" American animated television series.

Following the super-hero's removal from his 'clicky-base', the figure was super-glued on to a 25mm circular stand, and hastily primed using two coats of "Citadel" Abaddon Black. Initially I had planned to completely eradicate the costumed crime-fighter's pre-paint job. However, despite an extensive search I was unsuccessful in sourcing a red bat-shaped decal from anywhere, so ultimately was forced to ensure that my brush-tip carefully skirted around the miniature's original chest emblem.

Sharez Jek Android WIPs - The heavily-armed robot has been dry-brushed and detailed

I also decided against heavily dry-brushing the model with "Vallejo" Heavy Charcoal, as I usually do these days for my predominantly black palettes, as I wanted the masked vigilante to appear as jet black as he does in the cartoon. This meant that all I needed to do to complete the miniature was to 'pick-out' his futuristic utility belt with a combination of "Citadel" Ironbreaker and Nuln Oil, and dot in the bat-suit's technologically advanced eyes with a little dab of "Vallejo" White.

Stepping away from super-heroes I have made some good progress on my five-man squad of Sharez Jek Androids by "Black Tree Design". The figures are predominantly black in colour, so I have spent some time heavily dry-brushing them in "Vallejo" Heavy Charcoal so as to 'lighten' them up a bit, and also 'picked out' the electronic eye of a pilot piece with "Citadel" Ironbreaker to see whether it looks better than them having plain white heads...

"Toon Realms" WIPs - Rookie The Elf, Rookie The Dragonlord and Rankle The Dwarf

With the recent arrival of my "Caverns Of The Frog King" order by "Lucid Eye Publications", I have suddenly found myself facing a bit of an uphill challenge with the amount of unpainted "Toon Realms" stuff I own. Resultantly, I have decided to try and focus upon a few of the range's 'older' heroes, whilst simultaneously finishing off the remaining skeletons I need to pigment for my "Dragon Rampant" Undead army.

One of the strengths of "Osprey Games" rule-set is that you can field single or reduced model units, so with that in mind I've realised a 'Men of The West' warband just featuring the likes of Rookie The Dragonlord, Pootle the Wizard, Rookie The Elf, and Rankle The Dwarf would easily provide me with a similar-costing force to Lord Rascal's evil minions...

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