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(Lead) Mountain Musings - "Epic" August 2021

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

"Most of Khorne's daemonic ranks are filled with Bloodletters."

This month's effort to whittle away at my ‘highland of hope’ will be somewhat perversely shaped by my desire to clear a number of long-forgotten wooden painting sticks of their current occupants so as to free them up for my two “Flames Of War” Panzergrenadier platoons by “Battlefront Miniatures”. As a result, I have selected all the MDF rods containing my old plastic 6mm “Epic” Bloodletters and Flesh Hounds of Khorne by “Games Workshop”, with the intention of getting these tiny fellows finished in reasonably short order.

I then intend to slide across to my patiently-paused “Adeptus Titanicus” project and finally get the pair of Legio Mortis Warhounds completed which have long been sat upon my painting table gathering dust, along with any of the other plastic Cerastus Knights or Reaver Battle Titans I can assemble in the meantime. To make matters even more urgent, I’ve discovered that in a moment of weakness I’ve also bought a box of three Questoris Knights, so I really need get these “agile war machines” built and fully-pigmented too…

"Flames Of War" WIP - The V1 Rocket has been assembled, based upon MDF and primed

The next four weeks will also see Dave Stone’s second annual Season of Scenery challenge over on his excellent “Wargames Terrain Workshop” blog draw to a close. I’ve already completed a few 6mm scale resin bases by “TimeCast” for this event, but have an awful lot more planned from the company’s Scenic Accessories range to help populate my 1:285 scale Weird War Two tabletop using the plastic “Battletech” models by “Catalyst Game Labs”.

Furthermore, I have plenty of things left to paint from the Manufactorum Imperialis scenery set for "Adeptus Titanicus". This modular plastic terrain kit by “Games Workshop” is absolutely crammed full of Munitorum armoured containers, barrels, cranes, pipelines and other machinery with which to litter an industrial battlezone, so I’m super-keen to at least complete the few pieces I rather embarrassingly first applied a brush-tip to this time last year.

July 2021 - My interest in 15mm models means there's no noticeable change with my favourite manufacturers

Productivity-wise, the last thirty-one days have resulted in the second most productive July I’ve ever enjoyed, with much of its success actually boiling down to me finally finishing a few older models which have been sat in my queue for far too long. Foremost of these was my Stone Golem by “Zealot Miniatures”, but I’ve also been able to ‘cleanse my palate’ with additional models by Catalyst Games, North Star Military Figures and Rocket Pig Games.

Undeniably my biggest contributor though has been my sudden emersion into 15mm wargaming, courtesy of “Alternative Armies” and “Battlefront Miniatures”. Whether it be the science fiction adventuring of “The Ion Age” range with its visual nod to the Rogue Trader-era of “Warhammer 40K”, or the historically-accurate Germans during the D-Day landings, both of these genres have seen me progress an impressive amount of infantry and vehicles.

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