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"My Yeti Can Destroy You So Easily."

Updated: Jan 25

"Now listen, everyone. When the Yeti come for you, don't struggle."

These three 48mm tall metal Yeti were produced by “Warlord Games” as part of the Nottingham-based company's "special limited-time offer" Doctor Who: Web Of Fear set. Somewhat controversially given away for free with any orders of £75 or more, the blister also contained figures of Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart and Professor Travers, and was based upon Mervyn Haisman and Henry Lincoln's February 1968 televised story "The Web Of Fear".

Having previously pigment a trio of the Great Intelligence's hairy automatons using a mixture of "Vallejo" and "Citadel" paints, I decided to make these particular miniatures stand out somewhat by solely using colours taken from "Duncan Rhodes Two Thin Coats" range. Resultantly, the "cuddly but ferocious" models were primed using two layers of Scorched Earth, drenched in Battle Mud Wash, and dry-brushed with (more) Scorched Earth.

"Big Mr Tong" WIPs - Four Sardaukar awaiting a final heavy dry-brush and shade

Furthermore, I gave each of the "servitors" a light dusting of Dust Bowl, and then dabbed each furry monster's eyes with a little White Star. These areas were subsequently carefully coated with Skulker Yellow, shaded with plenty of Flesh Wash and ultimately brightened with an extra dab of Skulker Yellow. I also used a combination of White Star and Battle Mud Wash on the deadly machines' numerous sharp claws.

Alongside these latest submissions to the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge (AHPC) I have managed to get most of the details 'picked out' on the last four Sardaukar troopers by "Big Mr Tong" I plan to enter into the event. This quartet of science fiction soldiers have had their belts, face visors and hand-weapons all base-layered and now simply need to have their protective suits dry-brushed in "Vallejo" Heavy Charcoal before being drowned in "Citadel" Nuln Oil.

"Papsikels Miniatures" WIPs - Two primed Proto Keeler G and a Xeno Brood Sentry

Lastly, I've set about 3D printing and priming three more "Alien" related 32mm scale figures by "Papsikels Miniatures". The first are two copies of Proto Keeler G, whose STL (Standard Triangle Language) file I was given for free as part of their PAPSIPACK Welcome Models subscription set on "Patreon". I actually created a pair of this "Alien: Covenant" inspired xenomorph due to one of its hind legs miscasting on both occasions. There's clearly a slight problem with the this area's supports failing, so I've strengthend the offending limbs with a couple of skulls by "Encounter Terrain".

The last model is the mighty Xeno Brood Sentry, which just about sits snugly upon a "Citadel" plastic 60mm circular base. This STL can also be found inside the PAPSIPACK Welcome Models subscription set on "Patreon" and has already been heavily dry-brushed with Scorched Earth by "Duncan Rhodes Two Thin Coats" in order to tie it in with my previously painted Cheetah Aliens.

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