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  • 28/11/2020

  • I've set up a Projects page which can be accessed via clicking on Projects at the top of the Website. Currently, this covers my progress on the last six painting projects.

  • I've set up an On The Paint Table page, to show what manufacturers/games I'm currently painting.

  • I'm currently bringing across all the 2010 postings from Blogger. They can currently be accessed via scrolling down towards the end of my blog posts.

  • All of my 2020 postings on Blogger have now been brought across.

  • All of my 2020 postings now include my photographs as Bitmaps as opposed to Jpegs. Unfortunately "Blogger" compressed all my pics into Jpegs and I didn't realise that until recently. The larger sized pics on "Wix" make this somewhat more noticeable than I would have liked, hence my efforts to swap out all the posts using Jpegs with new versions containing Bitmaps.





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